Introduction to Cryptex Finance π

Cryptex Finance version π is an improvement over the previous version v2. Cryptex Finance π is built on top of perennial v2 and, it comes with several features. Version π uses low latency on-demand oracles, more capital efficient and provides up to 100x leverage. The low latency oracles are built by Pyth network.

Comparison with V2

Unidirectional markets, so 2 pools per market (eg. Long-ETH & Short-ETH)Bidirectional markets, so 1 pool per market (ETH)
Takers are matched directly with LPs. LPs take opposite side of all taker trades in that marketTakers are first matched with other takers (longs matched with shorts), then with LPs to fill the gap.
Chainlink Core oracleslow-latency oracles(Pyth and Chainlink are supported at the moment)
Funding rate is determined by utilization curveFunding rate is determined by PID mechanism.
Fees are charged as a percentage of the volumeFees are variable and are propotional to market impact of the trade.
Supported only Market orders.Supports different order types such as stop loss, market, limit, take profit, etc.